I am working on a new way to make and distribute customize-able transforming robot action figures (up to and including one-offs). 
See, back in the day about the time the first Transformers movie came out there was a big push in the collectors market for third parties to begin making toys of fan favorite characters we never thought the official blokes over a Hasbro and Takara would make. I tried my hand at this by making an upgrade kit to make Hasbro’s old CHUG Roabuster a little more G1 accurate. It was pretty well received and I had plans to make my own toys and be one of the first third party robot companies, but as it often does life got in way of my dreams. Long story short, I took a job with a small indie film company and moved my family from California to Connecticut. There I made props and costumes and even did a little CGI. After a several years there that company dissolved and I became a freelancer once more. I returned to California and I returned to toys. For the last few years I’ve been working as a freelance designer, illustrator, and have even contributed a few toy designs for some other third party toy makers. 

Now with a few toy designs under my belt and some more experience in creative manufacturing techniques, armed with some pretty nice 3D printers I am finally going to bring life to an idea I’ve been working on since my Roadbuster upgrade days, and start manufacturing my own stuff. I want to have a little “factory” in my workshop with some small 3d printers, some home-use CNC mills, and a small automated plastic injector. From which I will make very short runs (a few hundred each) of some toys I really want to see made. Some, inspired by my personal fan favorites and some of my own designs.

If this idea gets off the ground and I am able to make it work, I want to start a “revolution” in manufacturing and teach all of you how to do the same in your own workshops. I want to help bring about some of the promises made by the 3D printing companies a decade ago and really bring mass production to the masses. You just can’t do that with 3D printers, but you can do it with small in-home automated plastic injectors. I want to help like-minded maker-types learn the skills needed to feel comfortable with having a machine like that in their workshop so they too can bring their ideas to market and make a living making the things that make other people happy.

Please join me in this endeavor. Right now we’re still in the first stage, “can it be done”. I have ther 3D printers. I have the CNC mill. I have over a decade in small-scale design and manufacture. All I need is an injector. And to see if it can be done I’m going to need the funds to finish out my first “mini-factory” with an APSX-PIM Desktop Electric Plastic Injection Machine. So, if you are at all interested in this idea, please help me start by pre-ordering my first toy CC-01 Satchel from my Etsy shop. I’m using Etsy so you can have some insurgence that if I fail you won’t loose. It’s only $50 until Oct. 26th and if I can sell 500 units I’ll be able to get my injector.

With your help I know I can do this. We'll start small, one or two fan figures, maybe something from my own brain. Then bring on other designers let them benefit directly from their designs. We could incentivise with contests and prizes. Maybe do a little profit sharing. Move on from there. 

Who really knows what’s next...


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